Community Bankers of Iowa Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
1/1/2018   Community Bankers for Compliance Program (2018)
10/23/2018   Roles, Responsibilities & Liabilities of Community Bank Directors
10/25/2018   Call Report Series: Complex Call Report Lending Schedule Preparation
10/29/2018   Stop Payment Versus Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD): Which Is It?
10/30/2018   Compliance Series: Job-Specific Compliance Training for Deposit Operations
10/31/2018   Form 1099 Reporting: Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More
11/1/2018   Analyzing Common TRID Compliance Violations
11/2/2018   New HMDA Partial Exemption: Analysis, Implementation & Answers
11/6/2018   Lending to Churches & Other Nonprofit Organizations
11/7/2018   ACH Liabilities & Warranties for ODFIs: Reducing Your Exposure
11/8/2018   Consumer Debt Series: Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral
11/9/2018   Board Secretary Basics: Agendas, Meeting Records & Board Package Assembly
11/13/2018   How to Obtain & Perfect a Security Interest in Unconventional Collateral
11/14/2018   Mortgage Lender Training Part 3: Mortgage Life-of-Loan: Decision-Making, Appraisals, Post-Closing Requirements
11/15/2018   Cash Management: How Sales, Operations & Technology Can Collaborate to Generate More Fee Income
11/20/2018   IRA Series: Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes
11/27/2018   Compliance Series: Robbery Preparedness: Requirements & Proven Strategies
11/28/2018   Managing & Mitigating Card-Not-Present Fraud
11/29/2018   Risk/Response/Reputation (LIVE)
11/29/2018   Your Borrower Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid
11/30/2018   New Focus on In-House Real Estate Evaluations


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