Community Bankers of Iowa Events

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1/1/2018   Community Bankers for Compliance Program (2018)
6/19/2018   Marketing Series: Advertising Compliance for Electronic, Website, TV & Radio Promotions
6/20/2018   Safe Deposit Issues: Drilling, Unpaid Rent, Death & Unclaimed Property
6/21/2018   Reg E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation
6/26/2018   New Accounts Series: Opening Trust Accounts: Compliance, Documentation, Signing Authority & Deposit Insurance Issues
6/27/2018   Understanding Employee Leave Policies
6/28/2018   Notary Essentials, Legalities & Best Practices
7/6/2018   Determining a Legal Entity for Purposes of Beneficial Ownership
7/10/2018   Auditing Your Loan Portfolio: Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate
7/11/2018   IRA Series: Understanding IRA Beneficiary Designations, Death Distributions & Required Minimum Distributions
7/12/2018   Maintaining Required FDIC Records: Compliance, Issues & Retention
7/13/2018   Handling Federal Benefit Payments: Protections, POAs, Delinquency & Death
7/17/2018   Loan Review: Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate
7/18/2018   Annual Management Conference & Convention
7/18/2018   Marketing Series: Developing, Maintaining & Sustaining Brand Loyalty
7/19/2018   Consumer Debt Series: Reducing Consumer Loan & Collection Losses: Workouts, Forbearance, Restructuring & More
7/23/2018   Understanding Tax Reform: Community Bank Taxation in 2018 & Beyond
7/24/2018   Wire Transfer Security: Regulatory Guidance, Risk Management & Monitoring
7/25/2018   Call Report Series: Preparing Call Report Basic Lending Schedules: Coding, Classifications & Loan Loss Allowance
7/26/2018   Director Series: Assessing Credit Risk for Directors
7/31/2018   ACH Rules & Responsibilities for RDFIs


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